International Beauty Supplies LLC gets celebrated as one of the most reliable beauty products suppliers in Dubai, and therefore- we know hacks that thousands of people are unaware of. So, are you excited? Of course, you are- who doesn’t love a beauty hack? After all, beauty hacks are cute. They help save time, product, skin, and mostly money.

The time we spent in the beauty industry has helped us learn our fair share of life-changing, time-saving hacks, and today we want to spread our knowledge to the world. Yes, you must learn these because your skin needs a little more attention than solely skin care products Dubai can offer. All these hacks are worth your time- you have to stay consistent at following them. 

  1. Let us start with one of our favorite makeup hacks. If you want to flaunt a tinted body lotion, try mixing foundation with a drop of illuminizer (best if liquid) with body lotion. Later apply it smoothly to your body. It will gently cover imperfections and redness, it will even your skin tone, and give you an overall glow. 
  1. It is essential that you clear every material that touches your face. By that, we mean- even things like your sunglasses. Yes, that is true. Wipe your eyewear and mobile phones daily with sanitizer or alcohol. You know the bacteria and dust on these can leave you with horrible skin breakage. 
  1. If you need clean skin, you must start preaching clean pillowcases and bedsheets. The dirty sheets can lead to severe breakouts on the cheeks. Hence, change these regularly. 
  1. For all the people with big dark circles and puffy eyes, this hack can be life-changing or let’s say face-changing. Keep a spoon in the freezer and hold it under your eyes to eliminate puffiness and aid in blood circulation. But ensure the spoon is not kept in the freezer for hours because the skin under your eyes is uber sensitive, and applying an extremely cold spoon can cause you irritation. 
  1. Bad eyeliner is almost every person’s fear. Hence, we have a hack to resolve it. If you are a fan of liquid liner and desperately looking for one that lasts long, we got you covered. Dip a sharp eyeliner brush into any waterproof mascara of your choice and draw a line as per your face shape directly onto your upper lash line.

That is not it- we have numerous more beauty hacks to offer you. You can even read our past blogs to get a better brief about the different products we offer. We have even written blogs about the benefits of castor oil – check our website and get a better insight into the beauty world.