Sometimes even the best hair conditioner can prove to be wrong for you. Because not every product is suitable for your hair type, and tragically most people are not even aware that every hair type requires a different conditioner. The various options available from popular brands might entice you to pick an attractive bottle instead of getting the beneficial one for your hair. A wrong pick can lead to weighing down your hair and make them static, dry and brittle. 

To get a suitable conditioner, you must know what job it has to perform. 

  • The prime job of a conditioner is to retain the lost moisture from shampooing. 
  • It smoothens the hair cuticles and reduces the tangling. 
  • It also makes the hair shine and reduces static, making hair more manageable. 

Now, you know what an ideal conditioner for your hair should do. Therefore, let us start with what conditioners are for your hair type and which ones to avoid. 

A guide to finding an appropriate conditioner

The prime rule to opt for an appropriate conditioner is to choose it based on the scalp condition. Hence, while browsing for a conditioner, first touch and feel your hair. Then, decide the hair type- dry, damaged, oily, lacking shine, brittle, limp etc. 

Conditioners for Oily, limp hair

Oily and greasy hair needs a conditioner that can reduce hair oil. Following are some points to help you choose the right ones and avoid the ones wrong for an oily scalp. 

  • Look out for conditioners that lighten, volumize, strengthen and balance the hair. Options with added protein can also be beneficial for oily hair as these products are less moisturizing and more effective at removing excess oil. 
  • Avoid conditioners having labels- hydrating, moisturizing, smoothing, suitable for curly hair. Such conditioners pack in too much moisture and cause hair to be limp. 

Magic tip- If you have fine and oily hair, try the reverse process- condition first and then use shampoo. 

For dry, damaged, dull or brittle hair

Conditioners can be a maker or a breaker of a good hair day. It all depends on choosing wisely. For dull, dry, damaged and brittle hair, a conditioner must prevent future damage too.

  • Hair that is a little dry requires a conditioner that promotes moisture, hydration, smoothening, and balancing. These products nourish hair without adding too much weight.
  • For more damaged hair, consider a harder punch. Pick conditioners with labels- repair, control frizz, suitable for highlighted hair, and protect from heat damage.
  • Severely damaged hair needs deep conditioners that will not only treat the hair now but will also prevent future damage. 
  • Labels to avoid- “strengthening,” “fortifying,” and “volumizing”.

Magic tip – Try our best brand Jamaican Black castor oil for nourishing damaged and dry hair. 

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