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Creme Curl Enhancer 16oz


Gently distribute groSecrets Creme Curl Enhancer using your fingertips.

Smooth evenly down each small section of hair.

Twist, coil, or style as desired.

Reapply for curl definition as needed.

  • UPC Code: 096002002364
  • Size: 16oz

Curl Mane-tenance – Defining Curl Whip 15oz

Apply to wet or dry hair. Depending on hair’s length & texture, apply a moderate amount throughout hair from roots to ends (using more for thicker or longer hair). Evenly distribute by raking through hair with fingers. Style as desired.

For tighter, scrunchy curls or coils, blow dry hair on a light setting with a diffuser.

For elongated, stretchy, bouncy curls or waves, apply, finger styling into place and either blow dry on a light setting, or air dry.

For Protective Styling, use a wide tooth comb to better distribute throughout hair before completing your style.

  • UPC Code: 034285671150
  • Size: 15oz

Curling Jelly 8oz

  • Use after cleansing and conditioning your hair. (Do not towel dry or blot after your final rinse.)
  • Apply As I Am® Leave-In Conditioner liberally, according to instructions; This will help prevent flaking once hair is dry.
  • Apply Curling Jelly to detangled hair while it is still soaking wet, to small sections, from root to tip. Spray with water if hair begins to dry before you’re done.
  • To define your coils/curls, you may finger rake, comb through with a wide-toothed comb (Shingle), or finger style.
  • Air drying is recommended. You may use a hood dryer on the low setting if time or weather is an issue.
  • Fluff, separate or arrange your coils to style, only after hair is completely dry.
  • For added moisture, scrunch Moisture Milk or DoubleButter® Cream onto hair.

UPC Code: 858380002066

Size: 8oz

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