Trimay Collagen Bakuchiol Night Face & Neck Cream has a wide range of functions: it evens out the overall skin tone and contributes to brightening pigmentation, strengthens firmness and increases tissue elasticity, reduces the depth of wrinkles and intensively moisturizes.

It contains a high concentration of active ingredients – collagen and bakuchiol – of 61.9%, which have the ability to significantly slow down the ageing process. It effectively tones the skin, prevents loss of firmness and the appearance of wrinkles. Helps to define the contour of the face, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and Venus rings.

The cream has a classic creamy texture, deeply nourishes and eliminates dryness.

Main active ingredients:

– Elastin and hydrolyzed collagen restore the structure of the epidermis from within, strengthen the cell wall, improve protein exchange. Contributes to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
– Bakuchiol, which is part of the product composition, is a plant analogue of retinol, stimulates natural collagen production in cells, fights wrinkles, improves firmness and inhibits melanin production, suitable for sensitive skin.
– Adenosine stimulates collagen synthesis, increases skin firmness and density, prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
– Antarcticins actively protect against dryness, soften thickened skin, smooth texture and hydrate. Blocks the action of free radicals. Stimulates epidermal regeneration processes and synthesis of collagen type I and IV and elastin fibres.
– The complex of 12 vitamins has powerful antioxidant and regenerating properties, slows down ageing processes, strengthens barrier functions, increases immunity and tones.
– The 17 plant extracts contribute excellently to healing, reduce tissue sensitivity, provide nutrients, help maintain hydration, have anti-inflammatory properties and slow down ageing.
– Squalane protects against moisture loss, slows premature skin ageing and reduces the negative impact of external factors.
– The complex of oils deeply nourishes, moisturises and softens, smoothes the micro texture and gives the skin better firmness and elasticity. It has healing properties, accelerates the process of cell regeneration and renewal.

Who it’s for:

Suitable for dry, normal and combination skin.

How to use:

Apply the required amount of cream as the final stage of skin care on the face and neck.

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