Trimay Lactopro Biome Regenerating Probiotic Daily Cream actively fights dryness and nourishes the skin with nourishing ingredients, increasing elasticity and firmness. It has a complex rejuvenating and revitalising action.

It forms a barrier on the skin’s surface that protects against dehydration and maintains optimal moisture levels. Neutralises the aggression of external factors, strengthens tissues and reduces sensitivity. Particularly recommended for thin and sensitive skin.

Helps reduce and smooth the depth of wrinkles and creases in the skin, eliminating fine expression lines. It has a pronounced antioxidant effect, combats dullness and improves the appearance of the complexion. Stabilises the acid-alkaline balance of the epidermis, normalises the microbiome and slows down ageing processes.

The cream has a dense and nourishing consistency, absorbs well and does not leave a sticky feeling.

Main active ingredients:

– Lactobacillus ferment (66.8%) maintains natural flora, improves collagen structure and increases elasticity. Improves the appearance of the complexion, regulates melanin production.
– Idebenone is a powerful antioxidant, which is a synthetic analogue of coenzyme Q10, but with much smaller particles and a much greater penetration capacity.
– Adenosine tightens the skin, stimulates collagen production, helps reduce fine wrinkles and slows down the ageing process.
– Ginseng extract intensely nourishes, helps restore skin, protects against dehydration and stimulates blood microcirculation. It also tones, stimulates regeneration and strengthens the epidermal matrix.
– Pomegranate extract has powerful antioxidant properties, activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres in skin cells.
– Volufiline is a unique active ingredient obtained from the root of the Anemarrhena plant. It stimulates the local accumulation of adipose tissue, increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin, smoothing wrinkles.

Who it’s for:

Suitable for dry, normal and combination skin.

How to use:

Apply the required amount of cream as a final step of care.

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