SUNNY ISLE ‘s RICIN/COCO Curl Cream is specially formulated to make your hair healthy and shiny. It also fights frizz and makes your curls soft and silky. Perfect for simple and effective styling!

Recommended as a complementary care for the maintenance of curls. It defines, stretches, and lengthens the hair’s natural curl while locking in moisture on the scalp.

Benefits of the ingredients :

Black Castor Oil: It is known to stimulate hair growth because it acts on the microcirculation at the level of the scalp. This action promotes the supply of nutrients to the hair bulbs to accelerate growth.

Coconut oil: it has properties that allow to nourish, soothe and make our mane shine. Rich in lauric acid, it helps protect our hair on a daily basis.

Shea butter: Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, shea butter is essential for repairing weakened hair. The raw shea butter, rich in essential fatty acids, allows to penetrate the hair fiber in depth. It will make your hair soft and silky.

Enriched with black castor oil, coconut oil and shea butter.

For all hair types.


Directions for use:

– Apply evenly to damp hair, section by section, from roots to ends of hair.

– Do not rinse.

– It can be used on dry hair to create bouncy curls that last all day.


Precautions for use:

External use only.

Avoid contact with EYES.

Keep out of reach of children.


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