Dark spots/ Hyperpigmentation, Dullness/ Uneven texture, Fineline/ Wrinkles, Uneven skin tone

Trimay ?????? ????? ??????? brightens the skin, prevents pigmentation, smoothes microrelief, accelerates healing, and reduces oiliness, leaving the skin soft and radiant. The product helps eliminate problems such as uneven tone, dull skin, hyperproduction of melanin, post-acne pigmentation, and photodamage.

??% ?? ????? ???????, which is enriched with Vitamin C and minerals, slows down age-related changes, nourishes the skin, giving it elasticity and lightening pigmentation. It helps fight inflammation, giving the skin an even tone and a healthy glow due to its brightening features.

?????????? ???? dissolves melanin, prevents its local accumulation, and blocks the activity of tyrosinase, so a new pigment is simply not synthesized, and as a result, the pigmentation on the skin gradually lightens and becomes less noticeable, yet it does not act as an exfoliant.

??????????? (??????? ??) restores the barrier function of the dermis, reducing peeling, irritation, and dehydration. The component improves complexion, removes dullness, reduces redness, brightens age spots and post-acne, tightens pores, and keeps the skin smooth.

????? ? ??????? is responsible for constant regeneration and renewal of cells, has a strong anti-age effect, reduces wrinkles, and prevents their formation. It normalizes the production of collagen and elastin, smoothes the skin, and evens out the relief, improving complexion, and giving the skin a healthy glow.

?????? ??????????? is a low-molecular-weight form of Hyaluronic acid. It penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, effectively moisturizing the skin and preventing moisture from evaporating.

????????? (?????????? ??) regulates cellular processes in the skin, promotes energy production, revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin. It is effective in acne treatment and helps to reduce dryness and flaking while enhancing the skin’s ability to resist aggressive environmental influences.

???????? strengthens the skin, and prevents moisture loss, providing an excellent moisturizing effect. It makes the skin elastic, smoothes wrinkles, and stimulates antioxidant processes. It increases local cell immunity and relieves redness and inflammation.

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