Trimay ???????? ??????????? ??????? transforms dull skin, evens out its tone, improves complexion, and provides prolonged hydration. A carefully selected combination of moisturizing, brightening, and anti-aging components has a comprehensive visible revitalizing effect on tired skin.

??????????? (??????? ??) (??%) restores the barrier function of the dermis, reducing peeling, irritation, and dehydration. The component improves complexion, preventing pigmentation, removes dullness, reduces redness, brightens age spots and post-acne, tightens pores, and keeps the skin smooth. It also works as a sebum-regulating component, tightens pores, and helps fight breakouts.

???????? (??%) is a very powerful moisture-retaining ingredient. Due to the effective moisturizing and moisture loss-preventing features, it slows down moisture evaporation and maintains optimal moisture levels. Tremella is an antioxidant and adaptogen, thus, it helps the skin cope with anthropogenic and oxidative stress. Tremella also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to get rid of pimples and redness.

? ????? ?? ?????????? ???? of different molecular weights deeply moisturize the skin on all layers of the epidermis, compensate for the lack of moisture, stimulates the synthesis of protein compounds to maintain skin hydration, prevents transepidermal moisture loss, increases skin elasticity, and stimulates collagen synthesis while protecting the skin and preventing moisture loss.

?????????? ???? dissolves melanin, prevents its local accumulation, and blocks the activity of tyrosinase, so a new pigment is simply not synthesized, and as a result, the pigmentation on the skin gradually lightens and becomes less noticeable, yet it does not act as an exfoliant.

??????????? is a powerful antioxidant, that helps smooth the skin and eliminate age spots. It is effective for acne-prone skin and keeps the skin clean and transparent, giving it a radiant look.

???????????? increase the skin’s resistance to negative environmental factors, prevent the thinning of the skin, equally stimulating the processes of exfoliation of dead cells and skin regeneration, block the production of melanin, brighten the skin tone, making the skin healthy and glowing.

??????? inhibits the synthesis of melanin, and has a brightening effect, helping even out skin tone, eliminate dullness, and improve the complexion.

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