Trimay Dual Firming & Lifting Cream is a dual-action anti-aging product that works to tone and smooth the skin: it smoothes, evens, catifies, activates internal regenerative processes and improves skin texture.

The product reduces the depth of wrinkles, hydrates and nourishes, eliminates dullness, signs of stress and fatigue, restores natural radiance and fights against external irritants thanks to the plant extracts in the composition.

The cream’s formula is not based on water, but on pomegranate extract (33.3%), which has an antioxidant action and protects cells from free radicals. Pomegranate extract prevents premature ageing, tones, evens out the complexion and gently illuminates.

The composition is enriched with a complex of 7 peptides, including myorelaxing peptides such as argyrelin. The peptides rejuvenate, restore firmness and elasticity to the skin, stimulate tissue regeneration and have a botox-like effect, relaxing facial muscles and preventing the appearance of mimic wrinkles.

Main active ingredients:

Hydrolyzed collagen intensely moisturizes, helping skin retain moisture, improves texture, stimulates regeneration processes and fights wrinkles.

Hydrolyzed elastin smoothes and catifies, maintains elasticity, stimulates cell growth and hydrates.

Adenosine stimulates collagen production, strengthens and maintains firmness, slowing down ageing processes.

Camellia flower extract provides antioxidant protection to fibroblasts, prevents loading with impurities, improves the barrier functions of the epidermis, catifies and nourishes.

Who it suits:

For all skin types

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